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Pillar psr x-tra 1420 bicycle lightest aero spoke

Pillar psr x-tra 1420 bicycle lightest aero spoke
Pillar psr x-tra 1420 bicycle lightest aero spoke
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  • Stock: 100000
  • Model: 1420

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Spoke lenght: 210mm to 301mm 

  • Butted Aero > back to list Model T(mm) ?D1(mm) w(mm) ?D2(mm) α H(mm) L(mm) Weight (260mm) PBA 1425 9.0 2.0 2.5 1.05 95° 6.2 160-310 5.7 g PBA 1422 9.0 2.0 2.2 0.95 95° 6.2 160-310 4.7 g PBA 1420 9.0 2.0 2.0 0.95 95° 6.2 160-310 4.3 g
    SPEC Material Sandvik T302 (18/10) Advantage Pillar cold drawn technology. Double butted with three Blade options. Up to 30% weight saving without compromising strength. Thread Rolled (BC 56, DIN 79012) FG 2.3 Application Race/MTB/Down Hill Colour  



    According above datas and our client feedback, we find the PBA 1420 spokes are strong enough, and the weight is lightest, comparing to PBA 1425 spokes and PBA 1422 spokes. So we choose PBA 1420 spokes for wheelsets currently.

    Pillar psr x-tra 1420 spoke VS CN Aero424 spoke
    We have do some research on pillar 1420 spokes and CN 424 spoke these weeks. Both pillar 1420 spokes and CN 424 spokes are light, around 4.0g/pcs to 4.3g/pcs. But CN 424 spokes are much thinner and much cheaper(the price is only half of pillar 1420 spoke) , we have got some to test and if the spokes are ok, we can use it and make the wheelset price lower for customers. But while we build one wheelset, two pieces CN 424 spokes are broken.

    So, we decide not to use CN 424 spokes, still use pillar 1420 spokes. For pillar psr-xtra 1420 spokes,there are detail testing data on Pillar Spoke website like breaking strength, spoke tension breaking strength & spoke tension. But for CN 424 spokes, the data is not clear on CN Spoke website.

    Pillar PSR X-TRA 1420 spokes are really better than CN Aero424 spokes.

    We will keep on looking for better spokes with good price for customers,like DT super comp and Sapim CX-ray spokes. Sapim spokes are much expensive than pillar spokes, and we will try to contact the agent to get better price.

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