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Be Our Salesman / Dropshipping

Be Our Part-time Salesman.

If you like cycling and want to make money from it in your spare time. 

  • Client must pay to our PayPal or bank account.
  • We will provide the official email account.
  • Pay commission to you every month.


What is the Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply when a shop doesn’t hold stock, but the shop’s supplier does, and they then send it directly to the customer. The package the customer receives will generally also only contain the shop’s info and nothing that indicates it came directly from the supplier.

Why you Dropshipping

  • Lower capital investment. As we mentioned above, your overheads will be lower, and this will keep your monthly overheads down as well. If you’re just setting out on your retail adventures, this can be the difference from being able to start or your idea just remaining a dream. You’ll also only buy the product when a customer has purchased it, meaning you’ll have less risk and cost associated with getting that first customer.
  • Easier to start. You’ll have fewer logistics to worry about when you start. You’ll not need to worry about packaging, what freight companies to use, tracking your stock levels, or have to handle returns.
  • You can start at your house.You won’t need business premises to start a dropshipping business. You’ll just need the get-up and go to get get it started. You might even be able to keep your current job going until you have the business working out.
  • Easy to build. Imagine you hit the ground running. You nail the marketing, and you picked the right products. Your orders are 5x what you expected, and it is a lot easier to scale a dropshipping business up to meet this demand. Imagine the extra works you would need to hire, extra space, and the logistics of growing at the speed if you owned /rented premises.


Who can become our dropshipper

1.Traditional merchants who have own bicycle shops

2.The digital marketer who have own biker audience

3. E-commerce workers

4.The influencer in bike industry

How To Become CBK Dropshipper

The Steps For Dropshipping you should know

Step 1:Email us to apply for becoming our dropshipper

The content of your email should include:

The subject :Apply for becoming CBK dropshipper

Contact details: full name, company name,phone number, country, address information

Reason for application: Tell us why you can become our dropshipper. The content should include how you sell products, such as websites, social media, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Pleasae privide more informationa as possible, so you will pass the application quickly.

Expectations: please tell us how many sales you expect to bring in a month.

Tip: Please sure your application email should have all the above informations, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Step 2:Waiting to be reviewed

Wait for our staff’s review patiently please , we will reply within 7 working days.

Step 3: Establish a partnership

Our goal is to achieve a win-win situation.Any of your sales methods must not damage the user experience and affect the CBK brand reputation.

What is my exclusive code and dropshipping price?

Once you pass the application and become our dropshipper, you will get your exclusive code and dropshipping price in the email.

Attention:Your selling price cannot be lower than the official retail price of CBK Cycling, otherwise your qualification will be cancelled.

Step 4 :Start selling your dropshipping products

To find any sales opportunities. You can use all product pictures and product descriptions on our website.

Step 5: Place your dropshipping order

Please place the order directly on our website by using your email and enter your customer's address and exclusive discount code on the checkout page.

Step 6: Ship your dropshipping order

Once you get an order, we will ship it within 7 working days.

Please ensure that the customer's order information is correct.

Step 7:Order completed