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19 Mar From Narrow to Wide: The Transformation of Road and Gravel Bike Rim Dimensions
toneyjaa 0 592
In the past, when rim brakes were the norm and gravel bikes hadn't yet emerged, the width of rims was hardly a consideration. However, in today's cycl..
22 Jan Disparities in Prices of Carbon Fiber Bicycle Rims in the Chinese Market
toneyjaa 0 430
In the realm of Chinese carbon fiber bicycle parts, consumers often encounter a wide range of prices. Some wheelsets are notably inexpensive( like car..
23 Dec Anyone who advertises carbon fiber rims using graphene is a liar!
toneyjaa 0 299
Graphene, you must have heard this name. It is called the king of materials in the new era. Some people even think that graphene may bring a technolog..
23 Dec Carbon fiber rim automatic winding process
toneyjaa 0 473
Automatic winding of carbon fiber rims is a very good idea. Automated production can reduce production costs, reduce defective rates, and shorten deli..
06 Sep Tips for correctly using carbon fiber bicycle spokes
toneyjaa 0 616
It is evident that the advantage of carbon fiber spokes is their lightweight nature. However, carbon fiber spokes have a significant drawback in that ..
21 Jul Ultralight Carbon Road Disc Brake Wheels 1010g/pair
0 960
New Ultralight Road Disc Brake Wheels configuration:Rims: Ultralight Version Rim,Hub: RAT-HUB11, lightweight road disc brake hub 240g/pair.Spokes: Car..
28 Jun Rim's ERD
toneyjaa 0 399
Our ERD size not incl nipple's size...
25 Apr T800 Rim VS Ultralight Rim
0 1444
1. Both the T800 version and Ultralight versions of the rims are made using Toray T800 carbon fiber, but the Ultralight version has a higher proportio..
03 Mar CBK 3D Wavy Rim
0 2165
Our wave-shaped rims have sidewalls that are also wavy. Compared to the smooth sidewalls of traditional rims, the new wave profile provides several be..
03 Mar Paintless carbon rim
0 1533
The term "paintless finish" refers to the method used to coat or paint a rim, such as with a matte or glossy finish for the most common applications. ..
18 Jan Environmental protection is the theme of 2023
0 574
We have been working hard in the following two ways.1. Paintless2. Ultralight.  (Optimize the structure and reduce the use of materialsCarbon fiber is..
19 Dec Avoid Carbon Rim Deformed
toneyjaa 0 962
From our experience.  If the rim itself is defective, you will find the problem within 3 months of use.2 major reasons for the deformation of the MTB ..
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