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17 Nov Visit factories in China during the COVID-19 epidemic
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Probably in 2023, China should cancel the epidemic isolation policy.China Covid-19 Lockdowns Hit Factories.The current policy is that business investi..
17 Nov 2023 Price Trend Forecast of Carbon Fiber Bicycle Parts
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It is highly probable that the price of carbon fiber bicycle parts will increase by 10% in 2023. In 2022, the Chinese Yuan will depreciate by more tha..
24 May 2:1 Spokes holes and spoke hole angle
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wrong spokes hole angle will let you have a big problem when assembling the carbon wheel. It will cause the spokes to bend.Normal,the rim angle is 6 d..
20 May How to assemble and maintain a bicycle rim without holes in the rim groove
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Absolutely, Has obvious advantages for the rim without holes in the rim groove.1. we do not need to use rim tape.2. Do not worry about the air leakage..
20 May You need drill hole on the rim side
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The reason to drill a hole on the rim side.1. we also call it a"water hole". drain the water from the inner rim.2.  when inflation tire air escapes in..
20 May Keep your carbon wheels away from the exhaust pipe
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The melting point of the high-temperature resistant resin used for the carbon fiber wheel rim is 160 ℃. so keep your carbon wheels away from the exhau..
04 Jan Not painted or without varnish / lacquering carbon rim is more better ?
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If you want a decal logo on the rim, skip this article.Indeed, without varnish can better represent the original texture of carbon fiber.this producti..
02 Aug Avoid Rim brake surface melted
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The carbon rim will melt if improperly used.We can avoid rim melt as below process. 1 ) Just buy a high TG carbon rim for your carbon wheels. Resin is..
02 Aug Why use offset/asymmetrical rims
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Asymmetrical rims build up into stiffer, stronger, and more reliable wheels by improving the bracing angles of a dished wheel and equalizing the spoke..
15 Sep How to assembly bicycle wheels
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- Place rim on pre-assemble support tool ( if you are an individual user do not need this tool. Place hub on a pre-assemble support toolPut some greas..
15 Sep 100% Full T800 Carbon Rim
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In the market , all normal T800 carbon rims is use 25% T800 Carbon fiber + 75% T700 carbon fiber.CBK company develop full T800 carbon fiber rims for 2..
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