The carbon rim will melt if improperly used.

We can avoid rim melt as below process. 

1 ) Just buy a high TG carbon rim for your carbon wheels. Resin is very important for carbon fiber rim, if the resin melting point low, the rim will melt easy.

Our carbon rim is our high TG carbon fiber, test temperature is 240 degrees Celsius, is hard to get 240 degrees celsius when riding.

2) Use brake pads on the correct brake surface position. carbon rims are built by many layers of carbon fiber, have a special structure.

    On the brake track surface strong enough for braking.

3)Use  pro brake pads , brake pads are also important for carbon rim, not all brake pads fit, you must buy the brake pads from a wheel or rim supplier, it is very important.

because we find the best brake pads after test a lot of kinds of pads.

4) If the road needs a long downhill, do not long time hold your brake level,  you must intermittent braking.   this way can avoid the braking surface too hot