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Your stories matter. They help riders of similar profiles and riding types better understand how CarbonBikeKits products perform in all conditions. These tests in the dirt are also valuable for us as rim developers.

As a token of our sincere thanks for your time and story, we will offer a USD 50 reward which can be used as a discount on whichever purchase you would like, or be transferred as a refund to your bank account.


How Does It Work?

1) Prepare an original ride story (at least 400 words) and no less than 5 photos of the bike, view, and rider. It’s best if the photos are related to your story. Please ensure you have permission to share the photos you submit.

2) Click the “Share Now” button at the end of this article. Please fill out a form with the necessary rider information and upload the files. Don’t forget to sign the consent form, otherwise, we are not authorized to publish your.

3) Show the Article on your local bicycle forums, and show photos on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

4) If your story is selected you collect your reward. You will have an exclusive story page (published 1 month after submitting) and we will share your story on social channels. content.


How to write?

As long as your content is original and unique, and the photos are of good quality, you deserve an exclusive story page.

Varying from traditional reviews, the topic of your ride stories is not so restricted: custom bike builds from scratch, an endurance race, soul-refreshing trip, it depends on you.

Here are some ideas in case your mind goes blank. But if you have any good plans, do it in your style.

1. CarbonBikeKits product unboxing and wheel-building review.

2. Your experience and tips about riding a popular cycling route.

3. . Your love of a specific cycling discipline and why.

4. Technical riding techniques, teaching, and sharing.

5. Your thoughts about what rims we should develop next.


Submit Your Story


We will reply to you within two business days. Please get in touch with us ( if you don’t get any response in case we miss out or fail to receive your form.