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Rim Technology


1.More Beauty.

2.More Strong,+20% than other rims



After repeated experiments and practice, the continuous improvement of production technology, tooling, The first to break the traditional production of carbon fiber rim production process used of one-time molding technology, overcomes used EPS foam preform in the industry. After, in order to take out EPS need to cutting and opening the cover, cohesion, repair, high-temperature molding, etc troubled; Under equal weight, The average compressive strength without opening the lid above the open lid more than 20%.
In addition, the wheel rim made of UD material, through our special technology processing, after the high-temperature molding appearance is very bright and clean, raveling wrinkles surface disappeared. This is very rare in the industry. Since the establishment of the company, All products(tubular and clincher and Mtb and Vacuum integrated clincher wheelsets, etc.) from our own R & D and production, has been put into the market use, well received by the customer acclaim.

CBK Carbn Rim Technolgy

1. High TG carbon fiber 240 degrees for hard braking during the downhill journey.

2.Clincher structure changes, reduce brake surface melts at high temperature. Brake carbon fiber uses a special process, it works effectively reducing the transfer of heat from the top carbon fiber to the down carbon fiber.

3. Brake surface flatness<0.15mm, roundness < 0.25mm.

4. Enhanced basalt brake surface for high-temperature resistance.

5. Enough space for the nipple head, to make sure it can load more than 350kgf, strong for the last spurt, or even you go jumps!

6. PMI inside to make sure the clincher U shape is in good shape, so you have lightweight and a strong rim!

7.MTB Hookless bead rims, far stronger structure that helps to resist the heat generated by the continuous braking force.