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252 Hight TG Carbon Road Bicycle Rim


  • Hight TG,252 degree brake temperature.

  • Non-paint rim surface.

  • T800 light Weight.

  • 5 Years warranty.

Test Report

252TG rim test report.JPG

Why non-paint rim surface:

Normal after forming, all rim need made paint job ob rim surface ,  the final rim surface is matte or glossy.  have  3 defects for paint rim surface:

  • Some times will mask the imperfections.

  • Increase rim weight, 5-10g more than non-paint rim.

  • When paintting,release of large amounts of dust and harmful gases.

So,non-paint rim quality is more better, more lightweight ,and more environmentally friendly.

  • 25mm Wide and  28mm Wide Rim have use 252 Hight TG carbon fiber.

  • 5 Years warranty price hght than  2 years warranty.