spokes weight about 3kg each piece, it is cool!

Using carbon spokes is good to make lightweight wheels. but it is not easy to make this kind of spokes.

CarbonBikeKits company have developed 2 kinds of carbon spokes.

1. Spokes must big size nipples.

I think you already find this kind of spokes years. 

This kind of spoke is thick and must use a special big-size nipple, and need a big hole on the rim and hub.

Because It's like there is a carbon fiber knot in the aluminum alloy part.

If you want to have perfect spokes angle when building wheel. You need to ask hub suppliers to provide accurate angle data through 3D software simulation.

Obviously, there are too many restrictions on the use of this kind of spokes. 

in order to solve this kind of problem we develop new kinds of carbon spokes.


2. Spokes compatible with all normal 14G Nipples. 

We have 2 produce processes to make this kind of spokes

1) Wrap carbon fiber on the steel spokes at both ends. The connection of the spokes needs special treatment. we are selling this kind of spoke now .

2) Thin the steel wire in the middle of the spoke and wrap it with carbon fiber. We plan to produce this kind of spokes before May 2023.

Regarding the quality, we still do not know which one is the best. Because the sales of both are similar. The feedback data is not enough.

Tips for wholesale clients who want sale  carbon spokes.

  • If your after-sales system is perfect, you can try to sell wheels with carbon spokes. 
  • spokes tension less than 300kgs.
  • There should be a gap between the two spokes, which cannot be bent.
  • order extra spokes in stock.