Probably in 2023, China should cancel the epidemic isolation policy.

China Covid-19 Lockdowns Hit Factories.The current policy is that business investigators coming to China need to be isolated for about 8 days. Obviously, unacceptable to most people.

follow is some way to solve the problem of factory inspection.

1. Entrust a third-party organization in China to conduct factory inspections.

2. use WhatsApp or WeChat, and let the salesman show you the factory online.

3. Need to know whether there is a large-scale outbreak of the  COVID-19 epidemic in the local area. This means your order lead time will be extended by 30-90 days.

4. Focus on the ability to produce sustainably, not the size of the factory. There are risks in China's financial system in 2022. If you have a lot of orders to produce, you need to pay more attention to whether the factory has debt problems