If you want a decal logo on the rim, skip this article.

Indeed, without varnish can better represent the original texture of carbon fiber.
this production process has existed for many years.
This process does not improve product quality, not reduce production costs.

1, The process for the without varnish rim.
1)  Polishing the rim mold.
2)  Use more mold release when forming. It's like oiling the mold to make a cake.

Because the proportion of defects is very high when the rim deep is over 45mm, so most without varnish MTB rim.

2. Process for the rim with your logo.
Obviously, this rim can not decal again. So we find another way to make a logo on it.
1)  Use a PVC sticker. Must polishing rim to clear the mold release first.
2)Relief  logo (concave / convex).  
3 ) Laser engraving logo on the rim surface. 

Relief and laser can not make a big logo, we advise just making a small logo around the valve hole.
1)Relief big logo. There will be many imperfections on the edge of the logo, 

2) Certainly, laser engraving is not a good idea. a lot of company sale laser cutting rim brake surfaces before. it will destroy the carbon fiber layer.
The rim side normal just 6 layers carbon fiber, thickness is 0.6mm approx.  
The quality stability will be greatly reduced.  and daily use will face carbon fiber burr and cleaning problems.